Josefa Salinas, the ex-wife of the late rapper Coolio, died unexpectedly this week at the age of 53.

Josefa Salinas died unexpectedly two months after the passing of her ex-husband, rap legend Coolio, according to her Old School 104.7 FM colleague.

Radio DJ Jimmy Reyes announced her passing on Facebook on November 16: “Today has been an emotional day, found out that our hermana Josefa Salinas passed away.

“There’s so much to say about her, she was an amazing person with a beautiful soul! She loved making a difference in the community, she touched so many lives with ALL she did.”

He added: “From her -How to be a girl camps to wanting to give EVERYONE a free Christmas Tree/presents on the radio.

“22+ years of friendship and I’ll never forget it. It was an honour to call you a friend and to have worked on the radio with you all these years, we went through a lot!

“I know you’ll forever live in our hearts. It’s gonna be so hard for me not to say that your coming on next on the radio. I’ll never forget you.”

On August 17, Salinas gave her Facebook followers an update on her health.

She said: “Hello Facebook family! On Wednesday morning I will be having surgery. I am asking my prayer warriors to include me in your prayers as I believe strongly in the power of prayer. I believe God brought me on this journey for a reason that will reveal itself in time. For now, if you have room, I thank you in advance for your prayers. Know that you all remain in mine. Peace be with you. Pass it on.”

Prior to that, back in 2021, she shared the loss of a friend and admitted to her own struggles.

“Nothing worse than losing a friend because they didn’t think they had anyone to talk to😢, so…..Even though I’m going through my own struggles ….. my Phone is always on, door is always open and a drink can easily be poured,” she said.

“Doing a real friend check. How is everyone feeling today? Anyone need to talk? Virtual hug? 😎 Support each other. Please

“I would like to see this post shared or copy and paste. You never know who might need this post. Right now.

“Sending you all blessings and loads of light. Peace be with you. Pass it on!!”

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