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Shock as high school student dies suddenly after suffering cardiac arrest while at school

Shock as high school student dies suddenly after suffering cardiac arrest while at school

Image: GoFundMe


US high school student Jordan Brister died suddenly at the beginning of the year after suffering a cardiac arrest while at school.

The high school senior died suddenly and unexpectedly after suffering cardiac arrest while at school on January 3.

“The Brister family has suffered a tremendous loss, a loss none of them were prepared for,” a GoFundMe page read following the heartbreaking incident.

“Jordan Tyler Brister suddenly and unexpectedly suffered cardiac arrest while at school with no explanation as to why.”

The post added: “Jordan was a senior in high school who planned to join the military after graduating.

“Words cannot express what the Brister family is going through and there will never be enough answers as to why this has happened. He was an amazing kid who loved life to the fullest.

“We would like to raise money to help the Brister family pay for his final farewell during this very painful time.”

The GoFundMe page noted that funds raised would “be given to the Brister family for Jordan’s services and anything else they may need at this time.”

It added: “With the many challenges they are facing, let us come together and support them.

“Please keep the Brister family in your prayers.”

US news outlet KVVU reported that the school’s staff “provided Jordan with emergency medical attention until paramedics arrived and transported him to Southern Hills Hospital.”

Amplus Academy said that “despite the efforts of first responders and the medical team at the hospital, Jordan passed away this past Sunday.”

Its team is “working to support students and staff as they process this grief.”

Speaking to KVVU, Jordan Brister’s mother, Savanna Brister, said that her son was a “selfless, respectful, Southern gentleman who was kind to everyone.”

“He was witty and charming,” she said.

“He wanted to join the military to become a pararescue jumper to save others. In the end, he saved others through the donation of his organs, so his dream was somewhat fulfilled.”

She added: “He was a wise, older brother who cared deeply for his brother and sister. Jordan was truly everything you could ask for and more. He had a heart of gold.”

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